Allstar Levels & Divisions

Tumble & Skill Levels

In allstar cheer there are certain requirements for the various team levels. The USASF has developed a list of skill requirements that Aero Allstar and other allstar gyms across the nation adhere to. Below is a list of the levels for Aero Tumbling, both for our allstars and those who are just joining Aero for tumbling classes. Skills must be proficient in order to move up. Tiny, Mini and Rookie are not expected to come in with all skills listed, but will need to have these skills mastered before moving up to the next level.

  • Tiny (ages 3-4) rolls, cartwheels
  • Mini (ages 5-8) cartwheels, round-offs
  • Mini Elite (ages 5-8) cartwheels, round-offs, back walkovers
All following levels are ages 9 and up
  • Rookie (USASF Level 1) - cartwheels, round-offs, back walkovers
  • Teal (Level 2) - round-off to back handspring, double back handspring
  • Gold (Level 3) - running tucks
  • Zebra (Level 4) - standing back tucks, layouts
  • Twist (Level 5) - fulls, doubles, arabians
Tumble classes at all levels are not offered at all times and depend on need and availability. Some levels may be combined.

Allstar Cheer Age Groups

In allstar cheer there are levels and then there are age groups. Levels refer to skill levels (in both tumble and stunt skills). Age groups are based on the age of the cheerleader by August 31st of that year/season. 

  • Tiny - 6 and younger (at Aero our Tiny teams are currently ages 3-4)
  • Mini - 8 and younger (at Aero our Mini teams are currently 5-8)
  • Youth - 11 and younger
  • Junior - 14 and younger
  • Senior -  ages 10-18

For a more in depth look at allstar cheer levels and divisions, please visit the following link to the USASF Cheer Divisions for 2016-2017 "age grid."

USASF Cheer Age Grid

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