Gym Rules

Gym rules keep us safe, both physically and emotionally.

Student & Athlete Rules: 

1. No jewelry, no gum, shoes on, and hair up when you come to the mat to start class.

2. Use your "break" time to get a drink and/or go to the bathroom (or do this before class).

3. All athletes must stay on the blue floor during class. Please, no running over to parents or talking to parents during class. Please wait until your break or end of class. (Please help us with this, parents!)

4. NO GOSSIP Teams work best when everyone trusts one another!

Parent & Spectator Rules:

1. NO GOSSIP about another child, family, or gym. Think positive and enjoy watching your child have fun and learn!

2. Do not communicate with your child during class. This will ensure your chlid's full attention to what they are doing so they can focus 100% on their practice. If there is a fall, injury or another emergency, we will come over to you ASAP after we  have assessed the situation. 

3. Do not approach a coach during practice. If you have a question/concern, please first ask or text your Team Mom. If she cannot answer your question, please wait until after class (or get to practice early), to talk with a coach.


Thank you parents for helping us keep a fun, family-friendly gym atmosphere, and allowing your child to receive the best instruction and most skill-achieving practices of any gym around. 

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